OK, so here is the part I hate, where I have to do this ‘about me’ bit. It reminds me of when you join a book club and someone says, “let’s go around the room and tell everyone a little about ourselves!” and you immediately regret not sitting in the farthest corner, so you can go last. Or just getting a cappuccino and eavesdropping.

So…hi there. My name is Dawn. I’m a stay-at-home mom to a really great little boy who keeps me laughing, sighing heavily, and on my toes. I’m very happily married to my dream guy; a tall, dark, tattooed and handsome engineer with a great sense of humor and a killer pompadour. I am a smart-ass, sarcastic Mensan. I love vintage fashion and cars, reading, Doctor Who, animals, unusual antiques, travel, etc. etc. etc. I enjoy DIY stuff, because in my mind, I can make pretty much anything myself if someone else can do it. I am often wrong about that. I am a hoarder of craft supplies and shoes.

I started this blog because funny shit happens at our house like literally EVERY DAY, y’all. Plus I kind of like having contact with the outside world, without actually having to venture out much. Because I am lazy. And paranoid.

You can email me at dawndidwhat@gmail.com if you feel inclined, but commenting on my posts will probably get you a faster response.

All work on this site is copyrighted and can not be used without express written permission of Dawn Townsend.


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