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When NASA guys draw a penis on Mars, it’s freaking hilarious. When I used the word ‘penis’ in a haiku, it’s offensive and inappropriate. WTF, NASA?

(Photo courtesy of Imgur)

Several weeks ago, I wrote a haiku for the ‘Going to Mars with Maven’ haiku contest – voting for this contest starts today. When I followed the link to my entry to vote, I got this:


Tell me what you think – and please bear in mind that I’m not waxing poetic about random genitalia here, I’m referring to the juvenile doodle of a penis that some NASA boys used the $800 million Mars Curiosity rover to draw in the Martian soil (photo above – or Google the story yourself; it’s the first thing that pops up when you search “penis drawing”…surprisingly). (edit – 8/2016 – turns out it was the Spirit rover, actually.)

And y’all — I’m apologizing for all of us…in haiku! Since it’s not really practical to send the boys up there with soap and a hose to say they’re sorry to the neighbors.

If you think they were wrong to remove my haiku from the competition, take a minute to follow the entry link below, click ‘contact,’ and tell them so, and pass it on. Here’s what I submitted:

Oh dry red planet
Sorry about the penis
Our techs are childish

link to my removed entry here

Just got this email from Ransom Christofferson. Oh well…


My response to Mr. Christofferson:
Hi Ransom, thank you so much for your reply. I am a “parent of a small child,” and I assure you that once little boys realize they have one, they say that word so often, so loudly, and in so many public places, it loses all impact. My 2-1/2-year-old son once yelled, “mommy, my p—- is sticking up!” in the checkout line at the grocery store. I understand, though, that not everyone can handle the humor of it in a public contest. I really was enjoying the thought that someday aliens might read, “sorry about the p—-,” signed by yours truly. It would be a claim to fame among my Mensa and Whovian friends. I don’t suppose you could sneak it on board?


PS, I had to remove the P word in this email message, because your server blocked it. Maybe because I said it 4 times. Plus once in my previous message. Plus the time you said it. See, it’s lost all meaning!