In the time it took me to make a pot of coffee this morning, Nash managed to give our tv a bath. In cranberry-peach juice. WTF, kid??

Using my CSI skills, I reconstructed the scene of the crime. Apparently, he sucked the juice out of his sippy cup, spit it into his plastic dump truck, then splashed it onto the television, concentrating his attack on – of course – the tiny front speaker holes (which he calls ‘tunnels’), that are impossible to clean. Here’s a photo of him at the crime scene with the evidence. His fashion choice today is rather appropriate. Bazinga indeed.


This is his apology and confession, and recommendation for how Daddy can fix it.

Nash’s Video Confession

On a somewhat related note, here’s the back of our leather couch. Which is, apparently, quite tasty.

This is why we can’t have nice things.